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With over 40 years of practical experience and knowledge to structural design we use new and innovate ideas by staying up to date with current technology. We focus on commercial, industrial, and agricultural construction but have done residential design and construction observation.

We have experience in the design of new structures, and bring a great deal of experience in the construction around and incorporating changes to an existing structure(s).

We strive to remain current with all codes required in structural design. This is essential when investigating and evaluating current structures for stability, as well as for remodels or changes of usages of existing structures.

Our structural design experience includes:


We have over 40 years of hands on experience in boiler design and operational enhancement. In addition, we are recognized as one of the most knowledgeable design firms in the Northwest for boilers. Mr. McClure has taught classes on boiler efficiency and operations. Our firm has designed new boiler installations and boiler modifications for systems utilizing natural gas, number two and number six fuel oil, coal, wood, and industrial refuse. We are capable of providing a full range of services, including boiler system assessment, systems modifications design, new boiler installation design, bidding assistance, and contract administration.

McClure Engineering is a leader in the effort to enhance boiler efficiencies for commercial, institutional, and industrial clients. One such installation involved the design and contract administration for installation of a condensing economizer, which saved the client approximately 15% of the natural gas bill, and achieved a 2 1/2 year payback.

Our mechanical/boiler/HVAC design experience includes:


We have been involved with all aspects of commercial, agricultural and industrial refrigeration systems.

Utilizing halocarbon or ammonia refrigerants, we've designed cost effective systems for supermarkets, agricultural, and industrial customers.

Our refrigeration design experience includes:

Our commitment to energy conservation shapes how we design refrigeration systems. By using our knowledge of the latest controls, computer modeling and refrigeration thermal dynamics we design the most efficient system possible.


We have experience in the field of plumbing and piping design for industrial, commercial and residential systems. Our abilities extend from the design of commercial domestic water, steam, waste and fire protection systems. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective design with special attention paid to environmental concerns and a degree of reasonable flexibility.

Our plumbing design experience includes:


Our extensive experience in industrial services includes, the design of industrial facilities, which encompass process evaluation and layout, design of structural systems, piping systems, refrigeration systems, material handling systems, and processing control systems. We work with appropriate civil and electrical engineer sub-consultants in order to provide complete services related to the installation of new facilities, as well as modification of existing installations.

Our industrial services includes:

Our experience includes the layout and design of piping systems related to steam, hot water, and process fluids distribution system, the design of material handling systems, and finally the design of environmental control systems such as, dust collection and vacuum systems. Our goal is to produce and effective and economical system design, combined with a logical control system which controls first costs for installation and provides the owner with a long-term financial benefit from proper system design and installation.

We have a wealth of knowledge in regard to energy efficient measures, which can be implemented to enhance industrial refrigeration efficiency, thus saving our client substantial energy costs. In addition, we can benefit our client by designing proper refrigeration system operations for long-term efficiencies.


We support the production and process side of the agricultural community and have a wealth of expertise specific to the dairy industry. Our experience includes:

In regards to dairy, potato and sugar beet processing we have significant experience. Our experience includes:

With escalating utility rates and increased awareness of the importance of energy conservation, we have partnered with local utilities and the US Department of Agriculture to evaluate and promote cost effective measures capable of conserving energy and water in both the process and production industries.

Construction Coordination

We have served as owner's representatives on major industrial and commercial projects. And we are experienced in coordination of trades and managing financial aspects of the project.


Our commitment to energy conservation shapes how we design our clients' systems. We work closely with each client to meet their primary goals while implementing our experience and knowledge of energy and resource efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The green result is a reduction on environmental impact and significant energy cost savings.

For energy assessments we use E-Quest, and various other software programs in order to generate a precise model with alternate systems to determine the best and most cost effective conservation measures. Our energy assessments include three phases of service:

Systems evaluated and improved upon may include, refrigeration, compressed air, HVAC, and pump and fan systems.

By operating various systems at an optimal efficiency, our clients maximize their company's resources and reduce their environmental impact. We have become a leader in developing energy conservation measures to assist in a sustainable future for our clients' business. Our energy conservation design experience includes: