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Recent Projects

Recent projects consisted of a design of a new system to separate and recover steel grit from a sand blasting process at a steel fabrication facility. Steel grit used in sand blasting is blasted against the item to be cleaned of paint, rust, dirt and any other unwanted material using high pressure compressed air. Most of the grit and materials fall to the floor where it is directed into a trough and then drawn through a cyclone where the heavier grit is separated and falls into a bin to be reused. A minuet portion of small material not recovered in the cyclone is then ducted to a wet scrubber along with a large portion of dust laden air from the sand blast area where it is further refined and separated so the clean air can be returned to the atmosphere. Not only does this save the client money by recycling the steel grit but it helps keep our air clean.

McClure Engineering brings experience, expertise, and professionalism to every project. Here are just a few of the projects we have been working on.

Gyratory Crusher Study and Retrofit

Food Processing Packaging Extension

Current & Past Clients

  • Albertsons
  • Boliden Copper Mine - Sweden
  • Bonneville Power
  • Glanbia Foods
  • HilexPoly Plant
  • Idaho National Guard
  • Idaho Power Co.
  • McCain Foods
  • Pacific Ethanol