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Air Purification through Ionization

Needle-Point Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI) is an emerging technology used to purify air in enclosed
buildings and spaces. Independent laboratory testing of airflow and ventilation systems using
this ozone-free technology are showing exciting results in the ability to significantly neutralize
airborne viruses and bacteria.

Our Indoor Air Quality Engineering team can improve the health and safety of your home, school, church or business:

  1. Analyze and retrofit your existing air handling system with an affordable ion generator.
  2. Specify NPBI components to effectively neutralize pathogens, germs & odors.
  3. Oversee proper installation of affordable, ozone-free NPBI equipment.
  4. Provide post-installation monitoring and reporting to show system effectiveness.

How it works

NPBI technology places a stream of cleansing ions in the ventilation air system, protecting occupants from harmful viruses and bacteria. Independent laboratory testing of NPBI is proving effective against many common, airborne pathogens:

Pathogen - Rate of Reduction

Norovirus - 93.5%
Human Coronavirus - 90%
Legionella - 99.7%
Clostridium Difficile - 86.8%
Tuberculosis - 69%
MRSA - 96.2%
Staphylococcus - 96.2%
E.coli - 99.6%

Watch this video to see how NPBI works

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